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Film activities


During chosen Sundays we invite everyone to the screenings of the best Polish and foreign movies. Special pre-premiere shows of chosen valued Polish films (among others: „Mała Moskwa”, „Jeszcze nie wieczór”, "Rewers"). Some of the screenings are enriched with meetings with authors (directors, actors, producers) and the characters on whose actions is the movie based. Among the guests were (out of many): Agnieszka Holland, Jerzy Stuhr and Waldemar Krzystek. Check the current events here / link do kalendarza imprez


During Sunday mornings we invite all the young viewers together with parents and grandparents for screenings of the most beautiful fairy tales and family films produced in Poland and abroad. Check the current events here / link do kalendarza imprez


Within the projects: “Excluded from cinema” (2011) and “Excluded from culture” (2012) we had monthly organized free and integrating screenings of movies for children and adults with the audio description (additional spoken commentary about what is going on on the screen for the blind). The participants were people blind and with sight impairments from Wroclaw and more than 20 other cities and towns of Lower Silesia. More information about audio description here / link do podstrony audiodeskrypcja - koncept


Periodic workshops give opportunity for children and youth to create animated films using different techniques. Everything under the wings of talented professional animators, thanks to who the children can get the basic knowledge and skills of storytelling and animation creation. Among the animations created in CKWZ many were awarded on Polish animation festivals. More about the activities here / link do zajęć                                       

Within the „Excluded from cinema” project (2011) we had organized integration and animation workshops during which both healthy and blind children worked together creating animated films. More about integration workshops here / link do archiwum


„Centre of Independent Films” concentrates on organization of special screenings of movies of young creators and meetings with them. This way we support both those that are already popular and appreciated at festivals (like Dominik Matwiejczyk and Bodo Kox) and those that are beginning their career. Those screenings will are happening during the “Independent Fridays” project.

 „Presentations” – movie reviews, meetings with creators and thematic discussions connected with presentations of other art type (theatre, exhibitions) or workshops. The guests of “Presentations” were among others: Dorota Kędzierzawska, Artur Reinhard and Jerzy Stuhr.

„Young in the lens”

Proposition for the youth. During the project, the youth got to know the art of moviemaking through scene shooting, acting, production and ending with editing. In effect 4 short movies were created. The workshops were hosted by professionals – camera operators, producers and editors: Waldemar Krzystek, Maria Seweryn, Piotr and Dominik Matwiejczyk.

„Brainy commercial” – Project for the young, imaginative people with lots of ideas and wanting to get to know the art of moviemaking. The participants of filmmaking workshops for 4 weeks had a chance to realize their ideas creating social commercials.

 „Movie landscape” – Project that prepares the young for their full participation in culture through development of their aesthetic perception, widening of knowledge about the newest literature and contemporary art in the context of their common infiltration – movie screenings, meetings with film creators, presentations of chosen movie quotes.

„Classy cinema” – Project of film education dedicated to the pupils of junior high schools and high schools. Monthly presentations of epic works of film art and discussions about them.

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