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International Workshops

As part of the project

"New Opportunities for Employability and Creation Business in Field of Audio Description and Subtitling (CASTLE)"


How run the business?

8-12 APRIL 2019


Participants of workshops come from

Poland, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom and Italy (closed groups)

Organizer of workshops and training venue:

Centrum Kultury Wrocław - Zachód



How to lead a business based on the example of NGS - Foundation of Audio description

Business set-up and management

Business development

Business offers from the perspective of theaters and other potential clients


Trainers of workshops come from Poland and United Kingdom







10.00 am

Registration of participants

10:30 am


Workshop: How to lead a business based on the example of NGoS – Foundation of Audio description


Collaboration with the government

Introduction and update of national regulations regarding audio description and subtitles

Maintenance of business within the confines of Foundation (how to promote your services in TV, theatres, museums, how to sell your services)

  • How to collaborate with the public sector

  • How to be up-to-date with new tools and technology

• How to offer /sell your services

  • Business devlopment (workshops on creating audio

description / subtitles, film animation workshops (who can run workshops, how to run them)

• Running of the business and talks with people / contact with mass media /


Led by Barbara Szymańska and Tomasz Strzymiński from Foundation of Audio Description.


3:30 pm

Workshop: Business set-up and management


Foundation or business/ enterprise?

How to build a partnership to be profitable

Case studies

Participation in national and international projects

Technical issues – What to pay attention to when creating audio description / subtitles


Led by Marta Żaczkiewicz





Workshop: Business development


  • How to collaborate with the universities

  • How to collaborate with freelancers

  • Participation in national and international projects

  • Business (audio description / subtitles) and some general business issues

  • Case studies

  • How to find private sponsors

  • Functionality of audio description in public space – new ideas

  • Acquiring new customers

  • Electronic media

  • Technical methods of downloading subtitles and audio description


Led by Agnieszka Walczak

4:30 pm


Recital and meeting with artist Katarzyna Nowak

(a blind artist, a singer, a writer and a fiction writer)



11. 04.


10.00 am


Workshop: How cultural organizations can use technology to build a better relationship with users


A brief introduction to the application of various types of technology in the delivery of Audio Description and subtitling. This session will focus on the use of Infra-red, Radio and Wifi delivery systems, software solutions to writing and editing audio descriptions and helpful tips and advice on using technology to build a better relationship with hearing- and visually-impaired audience members. After the workshop, participants will be able to suggest a range of technology solutions to cultural operators such as theatres, in order to encourage less experienced organisations to increase their accessibility offer. Participants will know which technologies they can implement and offer as part of their own marketing.


Led by Neil Reading

2.00 pm

Visit to Panorama Racławicka / Panorama of the Battle of Racławice,

Walk around the main square in Wroclaw.

FRI 12.04.


10.00 am

Summary of workshops

Led by Agnieszka Walczak






Tomasz Strzymiński

Precursor of audio description in Poland. Founder and President of the Board of the Foundation of Audio description. He initiated and co-organized the first Polish audio-described film shows, TV series, theater pieces, opera performance, exhibitions in galleries and museums, football matches and DVD editions.

Tomasz conducts lectures and workshops on the creation and implementation of audio description and multisensory sharing of culture and art for blind and visually-impaired people. He is the co-author of the first Polish standards for creating audio description.

Featured in the campaign Przystanek Młodzi Gazety Wyborczej, Statuette of Gratitude of the NIKE Association, Golden Keys of the Morning Courier, the prize of Artistic President of the City of Bialystok. Tomasz is blind.

Barbara Szymańska

Pedagogue, deputy chairman of the Audio description Foundation, specialist in the field of creating and implementing audio description, chairwoman of the working group on accessibility of culture and a member of the Council of Non-Governmental Organizations at the Ministry Culture and National Heritage. A pioneer of audio description in Poland.

Since 2006, Barbara has run lectures and workshops on the creation of audio description, consultations and co-creation of audio description for film works (including 2D and 3D movies, documentaries, TV series, animated 2D and fulldome), for pieces of theatre and visual arts (including the history of art for blind people), as well as the description of nature and monuments, architecture and tourist routes. The originator and audio descriptor of the portal www.iSztuka.edu.pl/. She has developed a "Touch Palette of Colors" and a sound perspective for painting, created to teach visual phenomena to blind adults and children.

Barbara is the co-author of the first Polish standards for the creation of audio description for production of the audiovisual works commissioned by the University of Warsaw, and the author of a comprehensive recommendation making museums accessible to people with visual disabilities and creation of audio description for visual works, developed at the request of the Institute for Museums and Public Collections. Barbara is blind.

Neil Reading


Neil is the artistic director of the Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton, UK. This theatre is one of Arts Council England’s National Portfolio Organisations and has been described by Abid Hussain, Arts Council Director for Diversity, as “The best venue in the country for programming diversity”. It has well-established strengths with d/Deaf and Disabled-led companies, and is a nationally significant venue for Disability Arts. The Arena provides British Sign Language (BSL) and audio-description as standard on all in-house productions, and is working towards a full season of audio-described work.

Neil has worked on several Creative Europe projects, most recently directing a bilingual play (English and BSL) for the Sign and Sound Theatre project. As a member of the Theatres for All consortium, he has provided training for new audio-describers and shared audio-description best practice around Europe. Neil is the Vice-Chair of the national Audio Description Association.

Agnieszka Walczak

Agnieszka holds a PhD from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. In her doctoral dissertation, written within the framework of the European project Hybrid Broadcast Broadband for All (http://hbb4all.eu), she focused on the aspect of immersion in audio description. Agnieszka is a member of the TransMedia Catalonia research group and AVT Lab research group.

Agnieszka holds a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Warsaw. She graduated with honours, defending the first thesis in Poland on text-to-speech audio description. She has also completed postgraduate studies on audiovisual translation at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. The main area of her research interests concerns audio description with special focus on its quality aspects and its use in educational contexts.

Member of the European Society for Translation Studies (EST), European Association for Studies in Screen Translation (ESIST) and Polish Audiovisual Translators Association (STAW). Lecturer at two Polish universities, where she teaches Audiovisual Translation and English for Academic Purposes. Professionally works as a translator. Specializes in subtitling, subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing, voice-over and audio description.

Marta Żaczkiewicz


Marta graduated in English philology and post-graduate studies in translation studies and audiovisual translations. Since 2010, she has been involved in audio description and subtitling for the deaf, and works for the benefit of people with sensory disabilities at risk of social exclusion.

President of the Foundation We Open Culture and Art, Marta runs her own business Deskrypcja.pl in the field of AD and subtitles.

Since 2014, as part of projects, Marta has conducted workshops on audio description and subtitling for the deaf (Belarus, Iceland, Slovakia, Poland, and soon - Moldova).

Marta creates scripts and subtitles for movies, entertainment programs, performances and museums.





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